Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paragon Ketch Chapter 1 Cover

The cover for Chapter 1 of Paragon Ketch, which I will be posting here and on DeviantArt

I will post page 1 here and on DA in a week or two, this month is very busy. Then The schedule may be "as i get the pages done", which I'm hoping motivates me to get them done more quickly. Too long has it been "I'll do them in my spare time, the comic's not up yet so it's okay if I put this to the side". I am discovering that I NEED that pressure to work though. I do my best work when I'm crazy busy and trying to meet multiple deadlines.

Let's rock!

I thought about posting it on Drunk Duck, but after they were bought by Wowio that whole site has gotten confusing and I couldn't figure out how to customize the comic's site so it wouldn't be white/yellow. 

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