Monday, July 18, 2011

Project update!

I had intended to begin posting Paragon Ketch at the end of July, I still hope to, but it seems a certain project for charity I volunteered on has really taken off! :D

Production on Womanthology is revving up now that we know the book is financed. I'm working on a 4 page comic with writer Jennifer V.  So My spare time will be devoted to it. It will be fully colored (by me) which seems to be what takes me the longest with Paragon Ketch, so I'm hoping to get the pages drawn and inked relatively quickly to allow me time to color.

Perhaps I'll even figure out some ways for me to color more quickly and up production time on Paragon Ketch! :D

Rest Assured, I am still working on PK whenever I get a chance. I have 12 pages currently penciled and 6 pages inked. I plan to begin posting pages online whenever I hit 5 pages colored plus a cover.

In other news, Rod Espinosa, author of "The Courageous Princess" and "Neotopia" is raising money to reprint Neotopia in one book. The series has been out of print for awhile (which has made completing the collection of books hard for me D: ) and the last time it was in print, it was in tiny pocket Manga form, which didn't do the art justice in my opinion.

More information on Rod's Kickstarter can be found here:

Thanks for tuning in!